samples of video and performance work
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Interdisciplinary Series: Patricia Clark

Patricia Clark is an interdisciplinary artist and educator working in video, interactive media installations and performance, digital prints, and experimental documentary.


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Slow Grow

Slow Grow is video art installation that was featured at the Durango Arts Center in 2015. The exhibit takes the form of a room with video projections on all four sides. The video displays a very young girl dancing and spinning in slow motion.


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Indian Motor Works

For nearly four decades Indian Motor Works has been committed to achieving the highest level of excellence and quality craftsmanship in the restoration and refurbishing of Indian motorcycles.


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Sand Queen Ceremony

The Sand Queen’s Ceremony is a participatory ritual developed by Penumra Theatre Company in 2006. It was performed at the Fort Lewis College Amphitheater
and at the Dreamtime Arts Festival.


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ATRA weaves the spirit of performance art with moving images to present a mythological story. This performance cinema experience takes you on a journey through the creation of a new world. Witness a young girl’s quest to reclaim Water from Mud and the unearthing of the ATRA ritual performance.


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Shadow Study

This is a study of space and an exercise in method. My process engages specific video and audio resources and reworks them into this graphic portrait. Here I explore the interwoven nature of audio, video, and space as well as a formal artistic style.


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Political Moves


Body language is a significant element of communication. In Political Moves, I selected four major party candidates:
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders. Can you guess who is who based upon their
body language?